Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elder Robinson 1 & 2

It is hard for me to believe this picture was taken almost two years ago. Three months from today my family will be flying down to El Salvador to pick up my brother Elder Shane Robinson! He is extremely fluent in Spanish and speaks the language just like he did and non-stop!

It was amazing getting to talk to him on Mother's Day and Kynzi can't wait to see her Uncle Shaner! Every time she sees a picture she says Shaner and points to him. He can't wait to see her too and says she is who he misses most. She was barely crawling when he left and now she is a little spitfire and reminds me of him beyond words. They both go nonstop!

Elder Corbin in four days he hits his year mark! It seems impossible to believe this goofball has been gone a year and is thriving in Columbia! His stories are remarkable and he has truly lived through some miraculous situations.

Talking to him on Mother's Day reminded us of his hilarious personality and it is good to hear he is still our Dobbee. Kynzi misses this uncle too, he was her little babysitter pal before he left! She grabs the phone everyday for a week after we talk to him and answers "Hi Dobbee!"

I am so proud of my baby brothers. They are right where they need to be and have helped so many people. I am ecstatic that in one year my whole family will be back together!

You know you can't sing when...

So this week Kynzi was sitting in her high chair singing La La La to the tune of the ABC's. After I was done applauding her performance (as she demanded I do) she said "Mommy's turn!" About five seconds into my beautiful rendition of La La La La La she says "Mommy sing better". I was not sure I heard her correctly so I asked her what she just said. She then proceeded to tell me "to do better mommy!".

You know you can't sing when your two and a half year old tells you that you suck! Oh well, at least I can teach her how to play the piano!

Kynzi's Spring Photos

Kynzi's daycare is amazing! They always bring in professional photographers that have the coolest backdrops and take pictures. This is what they brought in for the spring and they turned out sooo cute! I actually blew this one up and had it put on canvas. I got one for my mommy and one for me for Mother's Day.
She looks so sweet and innocent in this picture, I couldn't help but post it. This girl has more energy than anyone I know. She never stops!